Cape Verde has become increasingly popular since we first arrived on Sal Island 10 years ago. The crystal-clear waters and flawless beaches have welcomed more and more tourists over the years and still retains its undeniable charm.

It seems quite obvious, then, that the archipelago, which lies just off the coast of West Africa, should top the list for Google searches. Specifically, Cape Verde has come number one on the search engine for ‘most searched for holiday destinations’ as the number of people interested in the Islands rises.

The Mirror

With its laidback charm, picture-perfect beaches and mouthwatering local cuisine, it’s no surprise that Cape Verde has topped the list.

It’s the ideal destination for relaxation, but for those after a busier itinerary, there’s also plenty of things to see and do on Sal Island.

Amongst nine other stunning destinations, Cape Verde shone as the most popular and it’s a trend we expect to see continue with tourism on the increase. Predictions estimated that half a million people would visit the idyllic shores in 2017 and that figure is forecast to rise to almost three-quarters of a million by 2027, according to reports from the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Alongside the famous hospitality of Cape Verdeans and beautiful scenery, our 5-star Resorts provide the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the ‘No Stress’ lifestyle so it’s natural that it has become a destination in high demand. With all this in mind, if you’re interested in a holiday to Cape Verde in 2018, now is the time to start your search on Google.

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Cape Verde named as the most searched holiday on Google