Cape Verde has plenty to offer as a holiday destination. It has year-round sunshine with stunning beaches, volcanic hikes, a lively music scene, wildlife, water sports, friendly locals, not to mention direct flights from the UK  at under six hours, and minimal time difference – so no jet lag to deal with.

These attractions are fast becoming common knowledge, backed by the fact that is seem like everyone is searching for Cape Verde online.

According to the Global Travel Search Index, which ranks the holiday destinations that have shown the greatest increase in Google search interest over the past 12 years, Cape Verde has taken the number one spot – with an increase of more than 3,000% since 2004. In 2018, the islands were named the second most searched-for spot on Earth for Britons, between the typical city break favourites of Barcelona and Amsterdam.

True Luxury Travel, which assembled the Global Travel Search Index, found that Cape Verde had the biggest increase in Google searches since 2004 worldwide (looking at 2017 alone, it came in second, after Barcelona). With Barcelona having one of the most famous football teams in the world, that may have been the only reason they edged top spot.

To accurately assess rises and falls in annual web searches, Google Trends issues a variety of geographical locations that have a “score” based on the overall volume in searches, taking into consideration how many people have been using Google over time.

Henry Morley, Founder of True Luxury Travel, tells us: “A key reason for the increase in search volume for Cape Verde is due to much greater accessibility to the islands.

“Recent years have seen greater availability of direct flights from the UK which will have brought the country to the forefront of people’s minds as a potential holiday destination.”

Airports have been opening on all Cape Verde’s inhabited islands and direct flights from multiple destinations worldwide are becoming more and more readily available.

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Cape Verde, the African islands that the whole world wants to visit