We love our clients! No matter the budget, interests or questions you have, we are always happy to talk and to establish long lasting relationships. You are not only a client but a friend. Please find below a selection of testimonials from our friends!

"I had been searching for a boost to my retirement planning for several years. Sadly, I fell foul of unscrupulous people. I had two investments in the United States with different agencies. Suffice to say that I lost a large amount of money!

I found Luxury Beach Life on line whilst looking for yet another investment. I discussed various options with Peter, but I eventually backed out of the plans on the table. Sometime later, they contacted me and I became more than interested.

I was impressed with Peter's approach to me. They answered some difficult questions, reassured me of the quality of the proposed investments, and the good standing of the development Company. They also demonstrated an enthusiasm with a personal approach that gave me the confidence I needed to make an investment. 

Subsequently, Peter has kept in touch offering guidance and answering yet more questions. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Luxury Beach Life, to anyone wishing to invest in holiday property." - Matthew, UK.

"I just want to record my appreciation to Peter personally for your professional service and ethical way in which you handled my transaction. It takes a huge amount of integrity and trust to assist and convince a client you have never met,  14000km away. Looking forward to meet you and use your services and knowledge for future investments." - Jurie, South Africa.

"I recently purchased at Llana Beach Hotel in Cape Verde through Luxury Beach Life and met the team at their Bristol office in the UK. The information was clear and the service was good from start to finish. I would highly recommend Luxury Beach Life for any investor looking to purchase property in Cape Verde." - Rosario, Italy.

"I first heard of this opportunity from Luxury Beach Life, recommending investing in the White Sands Resort, Cape Verde, explaining it was a sound investment with almost immediate returns, where the developers are very well established and hold an incredible track record. It sounded too good to be true, but after further investigation I discovered that this was indeed a genuine and rare opportunity which had presented itself to me. With Peter's thorough knowledge of this investment, and their patience answering my hundred and one questions, I soon got the ball rolling. Dealing with the developer could not have been easier, and they willingly talked me through every step of the process, with Peter hot on their tail checking to see that I was happy with the proceedings and that I had understood everything clearly. Less than one month after securing the investment, my first month's return arrived in my bank account. However, there was a further surprise in store for me - I had received not one month's return, but a double sum - much to my delight! Throughout this entire process it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Peter, who has given me constant support as well as the team from the developer. I feel confident that I have made a solid investment in what appears to be a thriving area of the market with sound backing, and returns I have yet to see matched anywhere else in the current economic climate. I would wholeheartedly recommend this investment without hesitation." - Miranda, France.

"I recently purchased a fractional ownership at the Llana Beach Hotel in Sal Cape Verde. Luxury Beach Life provided an exceptional service and assistance in guiding me through the process with very quick responses to all my questions and requests for additional information. Fractional ownership is not a widely-known concept and there is not much information readily available for investors. They made the whole process a simple and easy one. I am receiving my first year developer incentive every month on time from the developer so no complaints on that front." - Adrian, UK.

"Our daughter had previously invested in Llana Beach in a swim up apartment through Luxury Beach Life. I was keen also to invest however my husband was rather reluctant. As a thank you my daughter was awarded a complimentary viewing visit, which as she was unable to take it was suggested that my husband & I go in her stead. We met Luxury Beach Life and the developer all of whom treated us royally, taking us on trips round the island, meeting with the construction manager & guided explanatory tour round Llana Beach. We were very impressed by the facilities, quality & high standard of food, entertainment in fact everything. All the guests whom we spoke with were delighted with their overall holiday experience & had either booked a return holiday or couldn't wait to book one. My husband changed completely from being very reluctant to wishing to invest also which we did in a Duplex Orchid Mezzanine suite. We are all very pleased with our investments receiving our revenue timeously as promised. We are looking forward to return holidays in Cape Verde." - Alison, UK.