Founded by The Resort Group PLC, the Cape Verde Foundation is a very special organisation that exists to enrich the lives of children in Cape Verde. The core aim of the Foundation is to make positive, long-term contributions to the development of the country, through assisting with the improvement of fundamental issues such as education and healthcare.

In the years since the Cape Verde Foundation was launched, the organisation has been committed to helping local children and young people gain better access to schooling and good health initiatives through a large variety of projects. It’s supported new school buildings by providing essential equipment for classrooms – including chairs, desks, teaching materials and stationary – as well as vital kitchen equipment to ensure every child in school has a good meal in their stomachs made from fresh local produce. This, in particular, has proven to make a fantastic difference – good meals make for good learning, and the provisions have encouraged higher attendance, which in turn improves the quality of education the schools are able to deliver.

In addition, the Cape Verde Foundation has provided medical support for both young and old, as well as further investment for education and training facilities, a kindergarten, and ongoing support for welfare projects that support the local community in Cape Verde.

The Resort Group PLC and the Cape Verde Foundation

The Cape Verde Foundation was the brainchild of Rob Jarrett, CEO and Founder of The Resort Group PLC. It was Rob’s relationship with the Islands, his love of the Cape Verde community and his connections with the local Government, that made him want to give something back.

Today, the Foundation is organised and managed by The Resort Group PLC staff from right across the company – a Group-wide effort committed to aiding social development, with particular focus on the educational needs of future generations.


How The Cape Verde Foundation Supports Local Children