The air is like ice, the skies are grey, the mood is cold and next quarter’s heating bill is going to sting – which is why many thousands of Brits book a winter sun getaway in the glorious archipelago of Cape Verde at this time of year.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean 300 miles off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde knows nothing of the cold European winter that closes its icy grip around the rest of us for a good five months of the year. While we zip up our winter coats, fill up our hot water bottles and dose up on Lemsip, Cape Verde glows beneath a beaming tropical sun that beats down over holidaymakers splashing around in the sea and sipping cocktails by the beach.

Cape Verde, indeed, is the ideal winter sun destination. Relatively undiscovered just a few short years ago, tourism on the Islands is now thriving right around the calendar. Offering a magical combination of stunning landscapes and seascapes, miles upon miles of unspoilt white-sanded beaches, and a unique fusion of Portuguese, African and Creole cultures, Cape Verde attracts tourists from all over the globe during the winter months, making it one of the best places in the world for an exciting and rewarding overseas property investment.

Indeed, more and more people are discovering Cape Verde and choosing it for their winter holidays every year – and this is a trend that is only set to continue. The latest figures from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) reveal that Cape Verde enjoyed more half a million international tourist arrivals in 2017 – a figure that is forecast to rise to nearly three-quarters of million by 2027.

These visitors want luxury accommodation during their travels, creating a demand that makes Cape Verde not only a year-round hotbed for tourists, but for savvy, modern investors as well.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why Cape Verde is the perfect winter sun destination.

5 Reasons Why Cape Verde Is the Ideal Winter Sun Destination

  1. Year-round Temperatures

Temperatures in Cape Verde average between 25°C and 30°C for a full twelve months of the year – and never dip below 24°C. Indeed, down by the equator, the sun never stops shining on Cape Verde, creating a beach-lover’s paradise that is practically unrivalled anywhere else on the globe. Endless stretches of sugar-white sands glisten in the midday sun, and the turquoise waters beckon bathers to take a plunge beneath the waves, and kitesurfers and windsurfers to ride them. Glorious.

  1. Easy Access and Direct Flights

At barely an extra hour’s flying time from the Canaries, there’s no problem reaching Cape Verde from the UK. Direct flights take off from Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow – most of which will get you there in under six hours. And at only two hours’ time difference from West Europe in winter, you won’t even have to worry about jet lag.

  1. Great Package Holiday Deals

For those looking for luxury, many great package deals can be had on Cape Verde where you will stay in one of the increasing number of 5-star Resorts dotted around the Islands. The Resort Group PLC has a number of such Resorts on the popular Island of Sal, including the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, and the MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa that feature all the 5-star facilities you’d expect from a luxury Resort. Currently in construction is the White Sands Hotel & Spa on the Island of Boa Vista, presenting an ideal opportunity for investors looking to tap into the thriving tourist market here.

  1. Music and Culture

Cape Verde is festival country. No matter what time of year it is, there’s always a celebration going on somewhere on the Islands. These are exciting, colourful and lively events, where sunshine music plays loud into the night, the streets are packed with party-people, and fancy dress is not an option.

But even when there’s no specific festival taking place, the gentle lilt of morna music is heard from many a street corner in Cape Verde. And the country’s unique blend of African, Portuguese and Creole cultures is reflected in the local cuisine, customs, architecture and music all around.

  1. Stunning Landscapes, Seascapes and Coastlines

Pure white sands make up the beaches that stretch endlessly around the many coasts of the Cape Verde Islands. They are beautiful, and retain their undiscovered feel, despite tourism growing rapidly in the country. Inland, an incredible volcanic landscape is enough to take your breath away, while the rich volcanic soils produce an abundance of fruit and vegetables for the bustling markets.

The archipelago is made up of ten Islands and five Islets, meaning that there’s every opportunity to go Island-hopping and enjoy the beautiful seascapes of Cape Verde from a boat. What’s more, the waters around the Islands are home to many sharks, dolphins, rays, and humpback whales – meaning that every trip you take out on the ocean will likely bring you up close to some of the most magnificent creatures our blue planet has to offer.

Invest Today with our Property Options

It’s not hard to see why Cape Verde is such a popular winter sun destination – and that means that there’s never really a low season on Cape Verde. Tourists flock to these Islands right around the calendar, creating the perfect conditions for a rewarding overseas property investment.

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To find out more about the Cape Verde property investment opportunities available at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, or if you’re interested in booking a VIP “Try Before You Buy” Investor’s Tour of the Islands and the development, get in touch with Luxury Beach Life today.

Why Cape Verde is the Ideal Winter Destination